Digital Empowerment: Freedom of Expression Beyond 5G and 6G Networks in Developing Countries


  • Muhammad Farooq Postdoctoral Researcher Multimedia University Malaysia, Assistant Professor Management Sciences, TIMES Institute Multan, Pakistan
  • Allah Bakhsh Khan Professor of Management Sciences & Director Academics and Research, Times Institute, Multan, Pakistan
  • Hafsa Qadir Buzdar Lecturer of English, National University of Modern Languages, Multan
  • Warda Naseem Ph.D. Scholar in Management Sciences, TIMES Institute, Multan, Pakistan.



Freedom of Expression, 5G Networks, 6G Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Developing Countries


Purpose: This study explores the impact of 5G and 6G networks, alongside artificial intelligence (AI), on freedom of expression in developing countries.

Methodology: Leveraging the Web of Science database, we conducted a systematic search using keywords "Freedom of expression," "developing countries," "5G," and "6G networks." We focused on papers published between 2010 and 2023.

Findings: Study reveals that 5G and 6G networks have the potential to significantly enhance freedom of expression by improving internet access, connectivity, and data transfer rates in developing nations. Government, access to information and danger of speech is also discussed. AI plays a vital role in optimizing network performance, reducing latency, and personalizing content delivery.

Challenges: However, digital divides persist, and concerns about data privacy, surveillance, and government censorship remain.

Policy Implications: Effective policies and regulatory frameworks are essential to ensure equitable access to advanced network technologies, bridging the digital divide, and safeguarding digital rights.

Originality/Value: This concise review underscores how 5G and 6G networks, complemented by AI, are reshaping freedom of expression dynamics in developing countries. It provides valuable insights for policymakers and advocates seeking to foster inclusive and democratic digital environments.


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Farooq, M., Khan, A. B. ., Buzdar, H. Q., & Naseem , W. . (2023). Digital Empowerment: Freedom of Expression Beyond 5G and 6G Networks in Developing Countries. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 43(4), 569-584.