Curriculum Alignment: An Analysis of the Textbook Content


  • Abdul Jabbar Bhatti
  • Khalid Khurshid
  • Gulzar Ahmad


Textbook, Curricular content, Curriculum alignment, curriculum evaluation,textbooks,


Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board [PCTB] publishes
textbooks for the students of Grades I through XIIin the
Punjab.Thesetextbooks have been developed according to the
Pakistan NationalCurriculum.Content of the textbook for Biology-
X was analysed for alignment with the curricular content. Surveys
of Enacted Curriculum method [SEC] was used to measure the
alignment level. Recently, SEC method has been used
internationally tomeasure the alignment among curriculum,
instruction, and instructional materials. The content of the
textbook was analysed with respect to students learning outcomes
[SLOs] given in the curriculum. Two experts analysed the content
in the textbook on content analysis protocol.It was found that
content in the Biology-X textbook was not aligned to a desired
level (AI was 0.62). This misalignment was not same for all the
categories of cognitive demand.




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