The Seyp System: An Institution towards Decline in Rural Pakistan


  • Ahmed Usman


seyp, caste, quom, labour relations, rural Pakistan


This paper examines the changing dynamics of labour relations in
rural Pakistan that existin the form of seyp system.Focus group
discussions were conducted with the members of landowning and
service providing quoms engaged in seyp contract. The study found
that the members of service providing quoms are increasingly
leaving their caste based occupations resulting in the decline of
seyp system. Seyp has become more of an economic relation
between seyp is who are less keen to extend their moral and social
support towards each other, like in the past. Landowners are
losing their caste privileges and control over service providers that
they previously exercised through labour relations. Conversely, the
reduced economic dependence of service providers on the
landowners, as a result of the decline in seyp system, is uplifting
the social standing of service providers and thus revitalizing their
caste identity.




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