Balochistan Conflict: Internal and International Dynamics


  • Nasreen Akhtar


Balochistan, security, ethnicity, development, India, Afghanistan, power, politics


Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan and has geostrategic
significance.Balochistan is rich in natural resources
including Gwadar Port. Despite having unlimited resources the
people of Balochistan have remained deprived, and neglected by
the provincial and central governments as a result conflict and
unrest occurred in Balochistan. Presently, Balochistan has
become a core strategic point for the international actors for its
unique strategic location, mineral wealth and development of
Gwadar port and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
(CPEC).Presently, international linkages are exploiting
Balochistan’s internal condition due to terrorism. Internal and
international nexus have their political and economic interest.
Thus, Balochistan has seen several insurgencies during military
and the civil regimes. This paper explores the national and
international dynamics which has posed security dilemma and the
efforts of the state to develop and integrate the province and the
Baloch people




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