Educational Philosophy of Baacha Khan (Abdul Ghaffar Khan)


  • Turab-ul-Hassan Sargana
  • Muhammad Anwar
  • Khalil Ahmad
  • Abdul Qadir Buzdar


Baacha Khan, Pakhtuns, NAP, Education, Madaris (religious educational institutions), Mullas (Religious Scholars)


In the history of Khyber Pakkhtun Khawah (KPK), some
personalities played vital role for the awakening of the masses.
Abdul Ghaffar Khan, popularly known as Baacha Khan was one of
them. This article relates the facts that how Baacha Khan used
education as a weapon for the revival of Pakhtuns. Baacha Khan
declared the education as the foremost remedy of the Pakhtun
society. He not only took steps to flourish education among
Pakhtuns but also tried his best to refrain the Pakhtuns from the
evil customs and practices. This article also describe the
institutions which were established by Baacha Khan to achieve the




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