Dynamics of Pakistan’s Involvement in the Afghan Reconciliation Process


  • Manzoor Ahmad
  • Naveeda Yousaf
  • Zahir Shah


Pakistan?s influence over Taliban, Geo-Strategic ties, Pak-Afghan cultural links, Pak-Afghan shared values.


It is argued that Pakistan’s role and involvement is important in the ongoing process of reconciliation among the US, Kabul government and the Taliban. Because, Pakistan is not mere a neighboring country of Afghanistan. Pak-Afghan shared values, ethnic ties and geographic proximity and most importantly the links between Pakistan and the Taliban situate it to be a major player in the Afghan reconciliation process and bringing peace, security and stability in Afghanistan. Pakistan is an important member of the Quadrilateral Coordination Committee which aims at reviving the process of peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s authorities are optimistic regarding its ability in ensuring peace in Afghanistan. The world community also considers Pakistan as an important player which has the potentials to bring Taliban to negotiation. This paper analyses the factors or causes that signify Pakistan’s role in the process of reconciliation in Afghanistan. This study answers the questions; Why Pakistan’s role is critical for Afghan reconciliation process? How Pakistan can facilitate a negotiated settlement of Afghan insurgency?




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