Role of Media in Climate Sensitization


  • Dr. Saqib Riaz


Climate change has become an issue of great concern all over the
world. The Globe is getting warmer day by day which has alerted
the people living in it. The earth is getting dirty, creating
difficulties for the human beings as well as the other living
creatures on earth. It has been realized that the world will become
a dangerous place to live if measures are not taken to reduce or
control the hazardous components in water and air. The issue has
got tremendous attention from the developed world, and many
summits and conferences have been held to discuss the factors for
climate change and increasing pollution in the whole world. Many
measures have been suggested and many of them have been
practiced but there is no significant positive change in the
sensitivity of the challenge ahead. The purpose of this article is to
analyze the current situation and factors for the climate change
worldwide. The sensitivity of the issue in Pakistan will also be
evaluated while possibilities and options will be elaborated to face
the challenges ahead.



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