Aid Effectiveness in the Education Sector of Pakistan


  • Mumtaz Anwar
  • Sughra Aman


Aid Effectiveness; Education and Pakistan


Education sector is undergoing through a crises situation in most of
developing countries including Pakistan. In the recent years, there has
been a huge increase in the amount of foreign aid given by developed
countries and other international financial institutions to education
sector of Pakistan to achieve the United Nations Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs). In spite of this huge inflow of foreign
resources, major educational outcomes have always been low in the
country. The objective of this study is to empirically examine the effect
of foreign aid on the education sector of Pakistan using time series
data for the period 1991-2007. The results show that both foreign aid
given to education sector of Pakistan and total aid disbursement have
significant positive relationship with literacy rate of the country. While
the variable of political governance is found to be more significantly
related with literacy rate than economic governance.




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