Instructions for the Authors

PJSS publishes new and quality research in all disciplines of the social sciences. All research articles are subject to double blind peer reviewed process. An article consisting 4000 to 5,000 words should strictly be submitted electronically according to journal’s format. Authors should remember that they are writing for an international readership and should avoid spelling mistakes, incorrect format, jargon, complicated construction and sexist or racist statements. The contents of the papers shall be the sole responsibility of the authors especially in case of plagiarism found at any stage.

 The first page of manuscript should only contain the title of the paper and name of authors with their affiliations and e-mail addresses. The second page should include again title, abstract and key words including JEL codes. All research papers should possible be arranged into sections on introduction, literature review (preferably be the part of Introduction), objectives, methodological issues, results and discussions, and finally conclusion with Roman numerals. Tables and figures should be given in accordance with the text. Pages, foot notes, tables and figures should also be numbered consecutively and separately with Arabic numerals. Quotations should be indented an additional half - inch from the margin from both sides with 1-point small font size and in italic style. A manuscript should also be typed with double spaced except tables, figures and references.

 The Abstract should be informative and completely self-explanatory, briefly present the topic, state the scope of the study, indicate significant data, and point out major findings and conclusions. Following the abstract of 150-200 words, about 4 to 6 key words that will provide indexing references should be listed. Acknowledgements, authors’ notes and appendices should appear at the end of the article before the references.

 The American Psychological Association (APA) style of references should strictly be followed. APA does not use footnotes or endnotes for citations. Every citation must appear in your reference list. A list of references should only contain those citations that are given in the text of manuscript. All references should be given in an alphabetical order of works cited in the research paper. The reference guidelines are consistent with advice given in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition, July 2009. The format of references is strictly be followed APA.